Another pair 1890–91 Levi's 201 Pants


That second pair of 1890s Levi's 201s I posted back in July are now on eBay. Verified by Lynn Downey, Levi's in-house archivist: "These Levi's jeans are no older than 1886, as that is when we first used the Two Horse patch, as you see on the waistband. Take a look at the rivets; if they have the date "May 1873" on them, then the pants were made between 1886 and 1890. If they only have the initials "L.S.&Co. S.F. Cal" then these pants date to between 1890 and 1901."

The lucky winner may negotiate to buy the miner's rocker box, his own diaries and gold from the watch pocket of the jeans — all found with the Levi's in a Montana mine.

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