Another pair?

"The jeans were uncovered in an old miners cabin here in Montana and have been dated between 1890 and 1901 by the rivets on the jeans. There was gold in the watch pocket of the blue jeans and has been saved in a vial, do you think we should include it in the auction? There is also the miner's diaries and a couple of shaker boxes too. The condition of the jeans are in pretty good shape for the age of them and the fact that a gold miner wore them. all the buttons are there. They are just like the 501's button fly jeans. The old miner patched the the jeans in a couple of spots and there is a fairly large rip along the back seat of the pants which could be restored. Do you think there will be any interest for possibly one of the oldest pairs of Levi 201 jeans here on eBay??"

July 4, 2008 (eBay blogs)

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