Important and Importanter —

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Hurricane Sandy may have passed but the storm is just beginning. The situation around New York is not over and is in fact getting worse for many people. If you can't get someone food, water, candles, coats, gloves, bleach, gas, or a place to sleep then donate to the Red Cross. Don't forget that many people in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and parts of Pennsylvania are still hurting and in real need.

And don't forget to vote on Tuesday. I am not just voting for the next four years, I'm thinking about the next forty. I'm voting for the kind of place I want my daughters and son to live in. I don't need a CEO of America, Inc. I'm voting for a president for the people. Find your polling place here.


  1. amen and hallelujah from a beautiful Blue state, Oregon! white light for all and safe haven.

  2. obama is a goldman sachs employee, just like romney. wake up asshole

  3. Wow. Name calling from Anonymous.
    How chicken shit. Just like Mitt.

  4. Dear Anonymous-"it's a brand new morning in America"-Good morning asshole.

  5. Whoa. I really enjoy your blog, and I think we may have some friends in common, but it is disappointing to know that you choose to promote partisan propaganda in any form.

    I would seriously do some research about civil liberties, war (drones), monetary policy, the central banking apparatus, and the 1st, 4th, and 6th amendments.

    After grazing the surface of any of these issues you should be able to see that the two-party candidate duopoly is a ruse. And the partisan drivel from media is nothing more than a device to divide and conquer.

    "Man of the people" - good one!

    Btw- I'm signing anon because it's the only option that will allow me to leave a comment as I do not subscribe to any of those networking sites in the pull down bar.

  6. BTW, you can say who you are in the body of your jibber jabber.

  7. Gina, I was not the one name calling. That was another poster.

    Sorry all that sounds like "jibber jabber" to you. No wonder why the world's in the shape it's in if people like you don't understand these pretty simple things.


  8. Hey enough already- Hope things are getting better in your area. When you and all you wonderful New Yorker's are down we realize how much you all contribute and how grateful we are for your spirit of moving forward... in all its forms

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