The red is perfect —

In 1986, I threw this bowl with lid specially for Elvera Sunlight Beaudoin, because she cured me of a severe carpel Tunnel incursion. Extended rest after scar tissue surgery could not be an option because of my MS (multiple sclerosis). Acupuncture was not helping yet, but Sunlight's deep muscle treatment ended months of pain and discomfort.

At the time, I was at a throwing peak, and firings were miraculous, so it was easy to produce intrinsic work. Over the years, we've become fast friends. It wasn't surprising to find out that besides the artful, sensitive body work, she's a highly gifted and talented vocalist. 

The red is perfect though the 2300 degree firing took only 55 minutes. Frank Ross of Pittsburgh taught me this fast fire design in 1973. It's uncanny, but ever since this surprising discovery in 1985, this is still an unacknowledged kiln. The Museum of Arts and Design New York has the first 55 minute tall jar and a similar small red bowl (no lid) in their permanent collection. Two similar tall jars are in the Marer collection at Scripps college and others are in private collections.

Sincerely, Michael Frimkess

Read more here (South Willard).

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