Zoe Strauss: Ten Years

She is at her best, however, when exploring communities closer to home: staking out local bodegas, immortalizing Philly characters like the South Street clothing store proprietor Benny Krass, or putting a face to the urban tragedy of Camden, N.J., just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia... In these shots, and in the series as a whole, the highway is as much of a divider as it is a thoroughfare. It isolates neighborhoods or splits them in two, a condition emphasized by Ms. Strauss’s careful attention to seams, scars and lines of demarcation... It’s fair to say that Ms. Strauss has accomplished more in the past decade than many artists do in a lifetime. With more gumption than wherewithal, she spun a single idea into a magnum opus.

Review: Philadelphia Stories (NY Times)

Zoe Strauss: Ten Years opens on Saturday and continues through April 22 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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