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photo: Jessica Williams

No posting this week. I'll be in Stockholm and London then back to this blog on Tuesday November 10. Any last-minute tips for good/cheap eats or places to dig, please leave 'em in the comments. Thanks and have a great week.


  1. Pet Sounds in Stkhlm!

  2. turkish restaurants in Dalston, london. my favourite is Somine the soup is dead cheap!

  3. In London you might like these places:

    Scooterworks -

    noodles - http://thecuriouseye.blogspot.com/2009/10/pop-up-noodles.html

    Have fun!

  4. this is the reason i miss london: little georgia (as in country, not the state)

  5. London: Labour and Wait. And I can't resist Wagamama's noodles.

  6. Shops:
    SHELF, 40 Cheshire Street, E2.

    Albam, 111a Commercial Street, E1

    Folk, 49 Lambs Conduit St,
    London, WC1N

    Climpsons- great Coffee, Broadway Market.

    Story, Dray walk off Brick Lane brilliant Pizza.

    Tayabs, 89 Fieldgate St, London, E1

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  8. http://present-london.com - best coffee in london, world class.
    go thurs, with spitalfields flea market in the morning.

  9. Stockholm:
    -Blå Porten http://www.blaporten.com/ at Djurgården for a nice and price worthy lunch. To be combined with a nice walk around Beckholmen http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=beckholmen&m=text and perhaps out to Price Eugenes Waldemarsudde http://www.waldemarsudde.se/
    -Dinner at Prinsen http://www.restaurangprinsen.com/se/Index.php , have the Wallenbergare, Biff Rydberg or traditional meatballs.
    -Extra ordinary sausages at Korvspecialisten at Nybrogatan http://www.letmetellyouaboutsweden.com/korvspecialisten/
    -Östermalmshallen, http://www.saluhallen.com/
    -Drinks in "Lilla Baren" at Riche http://www.riche.se/index.php?pg=19
    -Shop antiques at Västmannagatan http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=sv&geocode=&q=v%C3%A4stmannagatan,+stockholm,+sweden&sll=59.342879,18.04927&sspn=0.012495,0.03592&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=V%C3%A4stmannagatan,+Stockholm,+Stockholms+L%C3%A4n,+Sverige&ll=59.341941,18.047351&spn=0.001562,0.00449&z=18&iwloc=A

    Enjoy your Stay,
    Max Larsson von Reybekiel

  10. sorry, the links seem to have been screwed up, you'll find everything on the google...


  11. Love the work of Jessica Williams! If you have a minute, I'd be interested to know how you know of her.

  12. You MUST go to the Museum of everything in London:http://www.museumofeverything.com/
    The most amazing, inspiring exhibit I've seen in a long time. Incredible!!

  13. Enjoy Svengst Tenn!

  14. http://www.classiccafes.co.uk/centralondon.htm

    great guide to 40-50s cafes.

  15. in London,

    Labor and Wait and Albam as mentioned, above by others.

    The Folk (clothing brand) shop
    Folk 49 Lambs Conduit St, London, WC1N 3NG

    there is a crazy preserved house museum right by here too, imagine an old man with a bunch of crap, but from the 1800's, so everything is museum level "junk", Sir John Sloanes Museum, www.soane.org

    Dover Street Market

    The Sunday markets on Brick Lane.

    There is a Korean clothing label that has a great store by Brick Lane, its vintage on main floor and way fashion-y new stuff in basement, it starts with a K but cant find name... Kurdeweicke or something...

    Also there is a super cool Timberland concept store in the east end, that looks like my grandpas old workshop in Tennessee. I think it's Tims. Maybe it was LEE jeans. maybe not.

    Then for food...
    Abeno Too in Covent Garden, the best Okonomiyaki outside of Tokyo (they're yummy Japanese dinner pancakes, bar food) A must have.

    Have fun!

  16. Hi Andy-
    maybe too late but here's some ideas:

    Bethnal Green area walkable-distance-things:
    -Prick Your Finger-
    -Museum of Childhood-
    -Geffrye Museum-
    -The Approach-

    Broadway Market area very good too:
    Including Broadway Bookshop:

    Selvedge, the textiles/homeware magazine, has a new shop at 162 Archway Road, London, N6 5BB:

    Go see the new Ceramics galleries in the V&A. Amazing and generous display.

    Go to the Wellcome Collection, opposite Euston Station, for the Medicine Man and Medicine Now galleries. Just inspiring medical paraphenalia:

    Then walk down to The School of Life shop and say 'hello' from me:

    Then keep on to Lincoln's Inn Fields and make sure you go to the John Soane Museum- an amazing house- you'll love it:

    Cross the square to the Hunterian Museum, part of the Royal College of Surgeons:

    Dover Street Market:

    Lamb's Conduit Street for shopping:

    Have a lovely time!

  17. One more, from a furniture friend Tim, for second-hand furniture:

  18. Deptford market and Wimbledon market/boot fair, both on Saturdays.

    The Royal College of Surgeons also in Lincoln's Inn Fields, if you like giant's skeletons and 18th century surgical equipment, Pollocks Toy museum, just off the Tottenham Court Rd, and they have a shop. Dulwich picture gallery ('Soane has taught us how to display paintings' said Phillip Johnson). The Estorick collection of modern Italian art, in Canonbury Square, Islington.

    Kenwood House has a Humphrey Repton garden and a Vermeer and a Rembrandt and stuff. If you do go north you can also see Erno Goldfinger's house in Willow Rd and Wells Coates' Lawn Rd flats, and take a kite to fly on Parliament Hill. Probably too cold for a swim though.

    Korean restaurants in St Giles High st near Covent Garden, Peter de Wit's cafe in Greenwich, Harrison's clocks and Wren's buildings also in Greenwich. More kite flying.

  19. Dalston Waste Market on Saturdays. Lahmacun (turkish pizza, 1.30-2.00quid) in Dalston. Stoke Newington Farmers Market, Saturdays. Cafe Oto in Dalston.