Thirtyfour Parking Lots on google earth

Thirty Four Parking Lots on Google Earth
by Hermann Zschiegner, 2006

Ruscha/Alanis (1967); Google Earth (2006):

"Ruscha included a detailed address for all but one parking lot, the only text that accompanied the pictures... transforming the original book into a programmatic device for my project... I applied the same logic of using Google as my only source and did an image search for the original book cover and [used that jpeg as the cover of my book]."

Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles
Edward Ruscha
Photographs by Art Alanis
Self-Published, Los Angeles, First Edition, 1967

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  1. Thanks for posting this...I did this project back in November of 2006 in a limited run of 20 books and sent it out to a few friends and colleagues (including Ed). I have since started to collect Ruscha-inspired book and have found close to 50 different artist books that I am planning to show in a little exhibition soon. Some of my favorite Ruscha-esque books include Jeff Brouws "26 Abandoned Gasoline Stations" and "Macintosh Road Test" by artists Corrine Carlson, Karen Henderson and Marla Hlady.

    Lately more and more people had asked me for copies of my little book, and I gave away all extra copies I still had. I finally decided to put the book up on Blurb and copies are now available here