Ron Nagle

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Also: Dirt on Delight at ICA


  1. these are so nice. thanks for the introduction

  2. wow - are those made from old aquarium figures?

  3. these are incredible. they remind me of candy.....

  4. wow...I never thought ron nagle would make it out of the small knit world of pottery and ceramic nerds. This mans work is amazing and to think most of these "cups" are only the size of a small lemon is completely mind blowing. He also made cups that would fit into boxes as displays that he would form fit around the cups. beautiful stuff for sure. he also studied the science of automotive paints which he used on several of his cups...many of his cups were unglazed and he used auto paint.

    thanks for posting this...I take for granted that nobody else knows about the geniuses of clay...look up Richard DeVore, Betty Woodman, Edith Heath, Ken Ferguson and the like...super cool stuff.