New arrival: Crescent Down Works

60/40 Montagne Parka available at South Willard. Note the leather-reinforced buttons. South Willard is the only place in the US that carries CDW.

South Willard
8038 West Third Street
Los Angeles


  1. You can also buy directly from Crescent Down Works, have my eye on the Italian Vest...

  2. ...from my inquiries the CDW stuff is actually cheaper via south willard than CDW direct...the parka by $50.A great line of gear-quality/cut/details etc.

  3. R: you're right. CDW will make you something to order, but only if they have the time.

    Jackets: $350+
    Vests: $200+
    Children's Parkas: $250+
    Children's Vests: $125+

  4. Interesting, I was under the impression their core business was custom gear, but it seems they most have some other outlet... Japan is always a good guess, or maybe they are making all the Western Mountaineering sleeping bags or something.

  5. Awesome stuff. I live in Seattle and need to see if I can manage a tour, some really great Seattle outdoor labels getting press lately. Can Eddie Bauer please get their act together and get back to their heritage???