Happy Thanksgiving

The very first set of WT/SUC Book Bags will be available 11/28 at Kiosk.

Stand Up Comedy designed the shape and the Werkplaats Typografie* created the graphics, with Madeline Williams as seamstress. Each bag was silkscreened and individually pieced and sewn in Portland, OR. The series is limited to five of each design with one a/p. Each is numbered and stamped with the designer's name.

*Alex DeArmond, David Bennewith (Yo!/Eat it.), Joris Kritis, Julie Peeters, Karl Nawrot, Karel Martens, Na Kim, Paul Elliman, Sandra Kassenaar, Scott Ponik and Velina Stoykova.

Kiosk Mini-Exhibition #8: Reference Library
November 28–December 7
Opening party on Friday, November 28, 7–10pm

95 Spring St. between Broadway and Mercer
Second Floor
New York, NY 10012

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  1. I would like one that says "suck it".