High Bidder: Ed

All photos by Ed.

Chair: Designed by Michel Cadestin (1977) for the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. A friend had given me a few small booklets about the Beaubourg (published in the late 1970's). The books belonged to his grandmother who attended the museum the year it opened. One book pictures the museum offices and libraries decorated with these chairs. My search began. Keywords: Pompidou Beaubourg chair chaise. I found one listed on eBay — the seller had a room full so I purchased four. I had them shipped from Paris to Philly by boat. A few months later I received them. Now my kids get more use out of them than my wife and and I. One son is learning to stand by balancing himself against them. The other boy hammers them with a wooden mallet half the day thinking that he's fixing them.

Vigneron (submachine gun):
Belgian design, 1953. Purchased from a seller in Texas. Cheap. Somehow it got past the eBay police. It was described simply as "machine gun". Everything is real expect for a solid receiver.

Vintage JAWS Shirt:
Kid's small. The shirt was no more than a few dollars. An impulse buy that I couldn't pass up because of the great graphic. Unfortunately it will never be worn because of a dip-stick. The prior owner used it as a rag to check his car oil.

Sea Horse Ashtray:
I was watching one a few months prior to winning this one. It sold for too much because of a detailed description (K&O Co., bronze). Simple description = better price. It's currently filled with old glass playing marbles, most of which were found under the floorboards of our prior home (built 1900).

7' Bull Shark:
Vintage taxidermy (1960s?). It was found it at a junk shop that's no longer in business probably because of eBay. To be honest, I don't think I even had an eBay account the year I bought the shark. Dream obituary: "Ed was killed by a shark. It fell off the wall and hit him on the head."

Ed's blog: Italian Fisherman


  1. Wow! I remember spending hours of hard work at the Beaubourg library, on these chairs. It was like… 15 years ago.

  2. 1. last description: Hah! 2. i love the italian fisherman blog! 3. and yours too of course!

  3. The tee is amazing, put it in a frame :)