High Bidder: Abby

All photos and notes by Abby Clawson Low.

Paris Reviews: I love the covers from the 60s to 80s. They are like mini works of art. I love them. And subsequently, I bought a lot of them (20+). Sewing machine: This all started as conversation with my sewing teacher, Heather Ross, about the beautiful and mysterious Italian Necchi sewing machine (aka the Ferrari of sewing machines). Thanks to the speed of email and a little luck with eBay, within a week or so, we both had one. (I think she bought two: one in chocolate and one in white.) Playing Cards: I found these on eBay while at my day job at kate/Jack spade (it must have been a slow day). I thought they'd be great inspiration for a Jack Spade project. The set of 52 cards (each with a different "pose") came from somewhere in China. I believe they were only a few dollars. They now sit in a box under my bed. Books: When I can't sleep, which is often, I will get up and peruse an entire category of eBay to pass the time and to hopefully find one or two great items while doing so. Luckily, most of these books were under $5. Stamps: JP Williams, of Design MW, started giving me vintage U.S. stamps almost a decade ago. Since he is an eBay pro he shared some of his bidding strategies with me that have proved useful over the years. I now have hundreds of sheets of mint U.S. sheet stamps.

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  1. Ooh, what specific Necchi sewing machine is that? I can't quite make out the letters following Necchi. (Is it 'Lyola', 'Lyona'?)