A.P.C. Preschool

Ateliers de la Petite Enfance


  1. jean and everyone else inspired should check out the Reggio Emilia approach to education... or reggio inspired... it shares a similar passion for beautiful materials, beautiful environments and a belief that children have hundreds of languages with which to express themselves (use of clay, paper, water, light, mirrors, graphic representation...). It was founded over 40 years ago in the small city of Reggio Emilia in the North of Italy after the war. It was founded by parents and community members who never wanted such a war to ever happen again. The first school was built by selling off a left over tank and some hirses. It has such a fascinating & relevant history. I've been to Reggio twice to study and have been teaching kindergarten in reggio schools for 6 years and it changes the way you look at children and definitely changes how you look at education.


  2. Shelley: Agreed. I've been reading about Reggio schools myself. And here is a blog written by a Reggio atelierista.