Getting organized

I'm building shelves today, posting will be light.

Rittenhouse Lumber
Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

A Philadelphia-area timber yard owner hasn't seen the surface of his desks for 50 years. The two desks at Ray Kostin's Rittenhouse Lumber have 80 cubic feet of paper on them. Mr. Kostin, at least 91, says men bring their wives into his shop in Springfield Township to show he's messier than them. In 1958, when he opened the shop and installed the desks, Mr. Kostin says they were "clean as a whistle." He says that's the last anyone saw of the desk tops. He says he would like to clean up "but the customers keep interfering." Mr. Kostin's wife of 60+ years, Grace, has "given in gracefully" to his untidiness. "He's a good man," she says, "so that's not much to put up with."

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