Nathan Lerner, Chair in a box

Pair Nathan Lerner plywood chairs [eBay] Sold.

EBay seller artph has three Nathan Lerner plywood chairs listed right now (a pair plus one). They were designed while Lerner was at the New Bauhaus in Chicago and made available by mail-order from Popular Home magazine. The chairs came in six pieces, pre-drilled and flat packed in a cardboard box. Artph's opening bid is a bargain at five times the price. Nathan Lerner was one of the first scholarship students at Lazlo Moholy-Nagy's New Bauhaus, part of the first class in 1936. He designed the plastic honey bear bottle and the aerosol can. He should also be remembered as the man who discovered and preserved the work of Henry Darger. Lerner was his landlord at 851 Webster St. After Darger died in 1972, Lerner found his writings and drawings the next summer and in 1977 had them exhibited in Realms of the Unreal: The Work of Henry Darger. Nathan Lerner died in 1997.

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  1. those chairs are gorgeous and i had no idea lerner and darger were connected. great post, andy!