Vintage "folk" diorama of Clegg & Sons Butchers.


  1. This is truly wonderful! I love the various meats and also the rather "freaked out" looking dog.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog looking for Fredun Shapur. He produced some marvelous toys in 1967 called Playsacs. I first saw them at The Bethnal Green Toy museum in London last year.

    Strangely enough you can also find two or three "toy butchers shop" there. If my memory serves me right these "shops" were aids so that customers could point to the cuts of meat they wanted. But that seems a bit far fetched.

    Absolutely stunning blog! Thank you for all your hard work. Ive got to admit to being very curious, If these are all the items you havent won, what do the items you have won look like? Maybe theres another blog?

    Thanks again for sharing all these fantastic items!

  3. Thanks jonny. I'm a fan of the Playsack costumes too. I'll be sharing some more about me and my own ebay wins and other finds. As well as some readers ebay wins. Thanks for stopping by.