Vintage 50s W.C. Russell Moccasin Co.

$137.50 (8/29/07) Congrats harpoonvintage!
[WC Russell Moccasin Co.]


  1. I have a pair of work boots that look exactly like that! My Grandfather bought them at Sears in the early 60's when he worked at the dam on the Mississippi. Then my dad wore them as a game warden through the late 70's and early 80's. And I wore them through college and grad school until last year when the Boston winter finally killed them.

    Thanks for pointing me toward the place I can replace them! (and the irony of the fact that I went to college 5 miles from the factory in WI)

  2. Thanks for sharing that story. Glad I could be of some service. You might also look towards a pair of Red Wing Irish Setter boots. Take care, AB