Things to do (in chicago)

I'm going to Chicago this weekend. Any last-minute suggestions for places to see and things to do? All are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
I'll post about the trip real soon.


  1. Lula! in Logan Square. . .great food and art.

  2. I assume you are going to salvage one? http://www.salvageone.com/

  3. i lived there for about 6 years - love chicago! i'd rec salvage one, scout, sprout home, hejfina, wright, the independent art gallery scene in pilsen, the mca, the osaka garden in hyde park, the lincoln park conservatory, the botanic garden, catching an old movie at the music box theater (drop by julius meinl after), quimby's, and the broadway antique market.

  4. Go to the art museum. I've only gone through Chicago when I've taken the train across country (twice). Some of the paintings you've seen your whole life in text books -- you'll finally get to see in person. They had a whole room of Gerard Richter paintings when I went there many years ago. Advice for visiting art museums -- buy lots of postcards of the art you got to see. Don't mail them away. Keep them for yourself. Just stand them around your desk when you get back home.

  5. i forgot to add - uncle fun on belmont can be a treat to visit.

  6. Victory's Banner for a vegetarian/vegan brunch: http://www.victorysbanner.com/

    Museum of Surgical Science for some good old fashioned macabre fun:

    Followed by some science supply shopping:

    And some books too:

  7. (I just saw Kate's comment and realize I'm repeating her, but double votes increase our suggetions' appeal, maybe.)

    It's kind of a crazy trek from where you're likely to be staying, but American Science and Surplus (sciplus.com/) is usually amazing (you'll get an idea of it from the website).

    A true treasure is the utterly bizarre Museum of Surgical Science on Lake Shore Drive (imss.org, though the website makes it seem less dusty, odd, archaic, and charming than it is). Based on your photos of Greenfield Village you might really like it.

    Although the bikes are by no means mindblowing rarities, the Working Bikes warehouse (http://workingbikes.org/) is something to behold: more used bikes in all sorts of conditions than you can imagine, all proceeds going to help people in the US and abroad via cycling.

    Other cheap restaurants besides the excellent (but not always cheap) Lula are Feed, Bite, Dodo (all byo [and all one-word names]). There's also great Korean (all over the place, but esp. around Western south of Devon), Vietnamese (Broadway and Argyle), but I don't know the actual names of anywhere I go. The Indian restaurant with the best ambiance is Tiffin, on Devon, but there are a million equally good (though fluorescently lit) places on the same street. For Chinese, I love Lao Sze Chuan in the Chinatown mall. For expensive I love Avec.

  8. the koolhaas el-station at iit. and, while you're there, crown hall.

  9. If you have a chance, grab a gourmet hot dog at Hot Doug's. If you are there on Fri/Sat, definitely get the duck fat fries - they are delicious.

    website: http://www.hotdougs.com

  10. Kathy,

    I don't think I've ever been so excited... until I checked with Mr Hot Doug and found that he's on summer vacation until next Tuesday. I'll have to get my duck fat–fried fries on the next visit.

    Thank you for showing me the way towards "The Sausage Superstore and
    Encased Meat Emporium".

  11. if you love pastries, try bittersweet bakery on belmont, or any of the red hen bakeries. so good just standing at the counter and smelling is a pleasure. if you are around belmont and sheffield, do check out the pierogi factory (the sauerkraut is pure heaven) and chicago comics around the corner on clark st. for breakfast, try flo on chicago ave, or tre kronor (scandinavian) on foster. for great persian food, noon-o-kabab on kedzie. and everyone else's suggestions are excellent, don't-miss spots....i hope you are staying for a couple months!

  12. Uncle Fun! I always go when I'm in town.