BOOK: "foto-jazz"

Ed van der Elsken
Nymphenburger Verlagshandlung
1959, First (German) Edition

I'm going to be book crazy around here for the next few days, posting about old favorites, new finds, beautiful covers and our own library. First off is this beauty by our second favorite Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken. Foto-jazz is a sick collection of grainy jazz masters and their fans, shot between 1951 and 1958. This is the German edition, published in 1959, the same year as the Dutch original, Jazz. Photo (and this copy) from Bondi Books. [eBay]

I've also got eyes for his 1966 superbook, Sweet Life — designed by Ed with typography by Wim Crouwel, it's one of the Reference Library's favorites.

UPDATE: K. Cooper-Kordylewski fills in the blanks: a reprint of Jazz is scheduled to be released on August 1. Visit your local bookshop at the end of the summer and take 97% off the price of a first edition.

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  1. oh i love van der elsken's work. you know, his book jazz (from 1959) is supposed to be getting a special re-printing this fall.