Elsa Bloom

Toddler dress by Elsa Bloom made with vintage fabric from the Reference Library collection.


  1. I think "Elsa Bloom" is somehow related to my cousin Erin! I'm not sure if this is Erin or Andy's blog, but let me know... I'd love to see more of Elsa Bloom and will have to keep an eye on your blog! Can't believe I found it!

  2. Hi Cousin Jen,

    This is my (Andy's) blog. Elsa Bloom is our other baby. How did you find Reference Library? Ha. Nice to hear from you.

  3. I'm excited to see what shows up in the Elsa Bloom shop. I just made a little dress out of a felted sweater. Go see it at: www.recovergirl.blogspot.com

    I very much enjoy your blog. I found out about you through Happy Accidents. You both have exceptional taste!