One Man's Wilderness

December 2nd.
Minus twenty-two degrees and the continuous complaining sounds of the ice. How many clothes would it take to shut out the cold? Shorts and T-shirt, Frisco jeans and wool shirt vest, red sweatshirt with hood, heavy Navy sweater and insulated coveralls. Then Navy cold-weather wool-lined overalls, watch cap, Navy wool-lined cold weather cap, two pairs of felt inner soles and one pair of cardboard inner soles in my pacs, two pairs of woolen socks, two pairs of woolen mittens, and my heavy woolen scarf. I took a hike up the lake and felt I was dressed about right except I needed more protection for my hands.

—Dick Proenneke, One Man's Wilderness
[at Lake Clark National Park]


  1. man i love this show!

  2. Greatest show ever wish I knew the man.

  3. It just shows the lengths some people will go through to aviod paying child support.

  4. Wow, the truth stands taller than the man.

  5. wow, what a journey! a great success! God's power to a human!

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