"GOOD DESIGNERS" (Kaleidoscope Prints)

As a furniture designer, PIERRE KLEY KAMP (Kleykamp) was a member of Groep & (which comprised Wim den Boon, Hein Stolle and Pierre Kleykamp, 1946-1950). In the early 1950s he designed furniture for Metz & Co, which was the department store that produced and distributed early Gerrit Rietveld furniture. Apparently, he also designed some fabrics for Anton Maix. There might be more in the 010 Publishers book about Wim den Boon, but I don't know.

OLGA LEE BAUGHMAN was the wife of mid-century modern furniture designer Milo Baughman. With her husband, Olga Lee helped run their design studio in LA, where she contributed her own hand-printed fabrics and wallpaper, and her services as an interior designer.

A.J. DURELLI was an engineer and experimentalist and founder of the Society of Experimental Mechanics. He wrote a number of political articles against the fascist leanings of Peron. In 1946, he left Buenos Aries for Chicago's Illinois Institute of Technology, where he might have crossed paths with Serge Chermayeff. He was hugely important to his field of Experimental Mechanics. I've found at least one mention of butterfly wings in reference to his work. He wrote extensively on pattern, pattern change, art, beauty and moiré patterns. But, I don't know if this is the same A.J. Durelli—a mystery.

DON SMITH is another mystery. I don't know anything about him, and he doesn't have a google-friendly name.

SERGE CHERMAYEFF was an architect who, in the 1930s, partnered with Erich Mendelsohn and was a member of the MARS Group along with Welles Coates. In 1946, he became the director of the Institute of Design in Chicago (New Bauhaus) following László Moholy-Nagy's death. He left after the school merged with the Illinois Institute of Technology. He was best known as a writer and educator.

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