Ehnis & Sons, 1910–2006

The consumer world now is driven by price and not by good old fashioned salesmanship and knowing the person you are buying from and trusting that no matter what they will take care of you, and that is what Ehnis and Sons was built on for over 90 years. I am very proud of my family for being an institution of Ann Arbor and being able to change with the times when you still could (i.e. changing from horse shoe and saddle repair to work clothes and boots among many others)… Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. —Bryan John Ehnis

photo: Tom Houtman


  1. i love red wing boots! its too bad they look really akward on girls.

  2. Great to see this guess you will like as well my blogs redwing1905.blogspot.com

    The Red Wing Company is loaded with great stories.


  3. being from ann arbor, my heart broke a little when i was visiting and saw the store had closed. not only did i buy my first pair of red wings there, it was a custom each time in town to have them oiled on the bench in the store. i tried to contact the realtor when i saw it had closed to see if i could buy the sign from the outside but no one ever got back to me. man i miss tha tplace...