HACKED!@#$% —

The Wary Meyers's awesome blog has been hacked by Vietnamese cyber douchebags. Do NOT go to the old, original site (warymeyers.blogspot.com); it's been taken over by the hackdicks and covered in advertisements. Coolly, John and Linda have saved old posts and have a new blog URL: warymeyersblog.blogspot.com. If anyone out there has an in with Blogger's tech support and can help shut down the illegal blog, help a blog brother out.

This one is by the hackers (BAD):

This one is by Wary Meyers (GOOD):


  1. Thanks so much Andy!
    Hopefully this will be fixed soon- although the way it's been going for the past 3 weeks I really doubt it.
    This is a creepy feeling knowing there's someone in control of your blog, even publishing comments. Thankfully they haven't posted anything besides copied and pasted posts from our new blog, which they found soon after I made it.
    It's like having a stalker-hacker.
    Anyway thanks for this post- from your keyboard to Google's ears!

  2. that's scary. thanks for the heads up.

  3. And how do we know that this isn't a double-hack, and that the REAL blog isn't the supposedly-hacked blog? HUH???? CAN YOU PROVE IT????

    I obviously read way too many spy novels. It's very cool of you to come to the aid of a fellow blogger.

  4. eeeeew. why would anyone do that? so upsetting.

  5. this is like a blog twilight zone episode.

    andy, great post.

    john and linda, sorry what a bummer and needless frustration to have to deal with it. all my bookmarks are now officially changed. onwards!