MUSA Railroad Shirt

"Ben Davis makes hickory stripe shirts, but not in all cotton, and no longer in America. The last all cotton American-made one was Key, and before that, still being made in the 1990s, was Five Brothers. They're both still made, but not in America. These cost more to make than a high volume maker can afford to spend. Margins on clothing in the real retail world are quite high, which is why stores can have 60% off sales and still be around the week after.

These shirts cost us $38, which in the normal world would mean a retail price of about $120, and no worker-guy is going to spend that on a shirt that used to cost him $25, or even $20.

We're having these made here because we can't get them anywhere else. I'd rather buy Key or Five Bros. and sell them for $35, but that's a fantasty, so we're getting these. I'm getting four, because I can't see us doing more than one run of 260 of these, and four will last me till I die.

It's a work shirt and it'll last 8 years. Two big pockets fit even a full-sized rangefinder camera with a 50mm lens. The buttons are stitched with red thread, and there's no way to stitch buttons on any better than the way these are. But there's no lockstitch for buttons, so if one comes off, sew on the spare yourself by hand, and while you're at it, do the others."

Pre-order: MUSA Hickory Stripe Shirt


  1. I really love the no-bullshit talk. Super refreshing.
    Nice shirt too.

  2. wow - this shirt if frickin' great... i've been wanting a Key Logger shirt but was waiting to see if Pointer would put something out like this - since Key is not USA Made... i'm gonna have to figure out a way to get one of these. awesome find. thanks, D in TX