So we’ll each make a work and place them together. Or side-by-side. Or within one another. I’d like to make a new work with glass clipframes. I’ll use the words then, clipframes and permutations. Maybe your poems in my frames? I like this idea of an accident waiting to happen. What if it’s more specific to the space itself? Because it’s quite small, it’s only a storefront. The show’s not up for long, so consider the duration. Roughness, too. And compression. Yours are modular in the same way as mine. They’re permutations, visual rhymes of each other. That’s what gives it meaning. It should be quite an empty gallery when you look at first. Yes, the gaps are what will fill it.

w/ Daniel Eatock & Rob Giampietro

Opening reception
Thursday, October 15, 7–9 PM

141 Division Street
New York NY 10002

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