photo: Yale Joel for LIFE

Actual size photo of an Actual Bus.
10 ft 3.5 in x 36 ft 2 in
Conceived by Mason Williams.
Photograph by Max Yavno.

Enlargement made from a 16x20 print of a 4x5 negative. Printed on billboard stock in 16 sections by silk screen process... Hand collated, rolled and transported early in the morning by three people (two men and one woman) in one car over a period of several days. Each copy, individually hand assembled by three people, using hands, feet, tape, sissors [sic] and a Barlow knife. Assembled with 120 ft. (per copy) of Scotch Brand double-faced tape (No. 666). Folded hand and foot by three people. Assembled and folded quietly on television sound stages on Saturday morning in Los Angeles, California. Assembly time, nine man hours per copy.

Published on the 24th of February, 1967, in a limited edition of 200 copies, of which this is number _____.

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