Ed Rondthaler On Girls

"Tastes, of course, differ. But I think the fair sex today should look back at the 20s and 30s when we had a superb crop of high school and college girls. They dressed attractively — no overalls, no sloppy slacks, no T-shirts, no sneakers, certainly no $14,500 Bloomingdale designer dresses. They had long curls if possible — none of this kinky hair that you see on TV. They were neat, ladylike, and made you hope desperately that somehow the one you longed for would not discover what a bum piece of humanity you really were."

So says Ed Rondthaler.


  1. Here's a picture of some sweet 20s girls. They seem very modern and the clothes look so good. Do you think they are playing dress-up?


  2. yeah, um... bobs, spit curls, and men's clothing all came into fashion for women around this time. funny stuff.

  3. ah yes. the male point of view of all female humanity. very important. why are there females anyway? to conform to male tastes, of course!

  4. It certainly is a sad sight. Many young women today are downright homely. I don't want my wife/gf to look like a frat boy. If I wanted that, I would be with..well..a frat boy.

    Ladies, you're objects of beauty. Please take the role seriously.

  5. "Ladies, you're objects of beauty. Please take the role seriously."

    Seriously? They're not objects, they're people. And being a person entitles you to be a slob or a prep. Rondthaler's description of girls sounds too much along the lines of the "looking good but silent" variety. But then again, he came from a different era so it's to be expected.