Gill Sans

From Five Girls by Sam Haskins (1962)

"Gill was an art student in Johannesburg in the early sixties. Not a professional model, she just walked into the studio one day and was a total natural in front of the camera.

There were stories of Vietnam soldiers taking copies of Five Girls (often gifted to them by their wives or girlfriends) to war, so Gill was also a Vietnam pinup. The fan mail generated by Five Girls in the 60s included letters from both men and women." —Sam Haskins

More: Sam Haskins' blog


  1. gill sans! genius!

  2. Gill sans is a great line. And, Oh, I have the book (the 1968 paperback edition)...Gill is definitely the most inspiring of the Five Girls.

  3. I know her :-) One of the nicest woman I know