High Bidder: Jason

All photos by Jason Rosenberg.

Bookends: heavenly. endless uses. Mugs: mugs, mugs, mugs. all from ebay. but one is a moustache mug. Aalto/Hebi: the aalto desk was my only ebay 'local pickup only' experience. but thank god. and the beat up hebi clamp came from germany. made for each other, in my opinion. Snufkin: my favorite moomin character. this is an old handmade from finland. i had to buy a 'lot' of 30 hideous dolls to get it. i begged the woman to only send snufkin, and she complied. Blankets: an abbreviated display of my wool blanket obsession. mostly from finland.

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  1. Very nice mugs and that is one lovely yellow lamp. Thanks for sharing.