How to Work Better, 1991/2007

Ryan Gander ©the artists; photo: Tate, Etc.
Download: PDF (from Dexter Sinister Library)

"Taped to the wall of my studio is an A4 photocopy of a short ten-point manifesto by Fischli/Weiss entitled "How to work better"... I like it quite simply because it acknowledges their awareness of the idea of practice rather than production."
(Ryan Gander, from Dexter Sinister)

See also: How to Learn to Learn


  1. In my previous life as a corporate trainer, my employers spent thousands of dollars hiring business consultants. These business consultants then gave us their specialized training topics. All we really had to do regarding "how to work better" was to have this list. We spent hours instructing employees on this.

  2. I saw these spray painted in red all over the place when i visited the Tate Modern a awhile back, I snapped photos and sent it to all my friends

  3. a simple + true set of guidelines to go by...a human interaction mini instruction manual. this would make a good new year's resolution list too. :-)