"Portfolio" #s 1, 2, 3

Portfolio: The Magazine of Graphic Arts
Zebra Press, Cincinnati
Frank Zachary, Editor
Alexey Brodovitch, Art Director

One owner, original mailing boxes.
$850.00 opening bid. Ends Tuesday, October 2.
$850.00 (10/2/07) Congrats modernism101!

Say Aalto

$3,800.00 (9/30/07) Congrats Auction Floor Bidder!

Alvar Aalto
Wardrobe, from the Paimio Sanitorium
Finland, 1929–33


Reversible Painting by H. Krupp, 1952

$31.00 (9/26/07) Congrats retalitoryrate!

Frankfurt Railway Station/Portrait
Hermann Krupp, b. 1926, Swiss



$9.99 (9/24/07) Congrats 69mkr!

Swatch of Alexander Girard's Cut-Out fabric. Silkscreen on cotton, 48" wide, 9" repeat.

Handy Andy

Some of my lettering in the new book Hand Job.
Click [here] and [here] for a closer look.

Folk Art Navy WWII Toybox

$50.00 (9/23/07) Congrats valleyclay!



Howard "Sandman" Sims vs. Dr Huxtable [youtube] Update: sorry, youtube took that one down.


Don't put your feet up on the telly. Except of course,

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Eternally Yours: Visions on Product Endurance, 1997
[010 Publishers]


Happy Birthday Mom!

You're awesome.

Taughannock Falls Piles

At Taughannock* Falls near Ithaca, New York. It appears that Andy Goldsworthy, or someone with a lot of time on their hands, visited and made some rock piles, hundreds of beautiful rock piles.

(*rhymes with mechanic)

White Library, Cornell

A.D. White Library [Cornell]


Reference Library is Gorges

I'm going out of town for a few days to visit an old friend (an actual librarian). New posts will resume on Sunday Monday Tuesday.

Ed Ruscha, 1993/1997
Library from the Archi-props series

Sign (NVH)

Photo by maraid

Gene Kelly

Summer Stock


Kandya Kitchen

Trimma Kitchen cabinet
Frank Guille for Kandya, Ltd.
Solid beech, painted and veneered plywood
Designed c. 1956

Photo: David Tatham

Carolyn Swiszcz

[Highpoint Editions]

Carolyn Swisczc, 2006
Medicine Shoppe; South Robert Street

Elements, Olga Lee Baughman

$255.00 (9/17/07) Congrats bjtlacma!

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In The Mood for Love

Part of a mood board on office environments in 60s Hong Kong, from the Wong Kar Wai film In The Mood For Love. Art director, production designer, costume designer and editor William Chang Suk-ping [interview here]. via City of Sound's [flickr].


On the way.
Welcome to.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark


Two + 2 views (of the GL Strand)

My favorite small museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, the GL Strand at 48 Gammel Strand, Copenhagen. View of courtyard from window by the elevator; beautiful staircase and railing. May 2004. [GL Strand]

Two more views:

Turned on