Daisy Face

Screen-printed textile by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller, 1972 (one of the rarest of the Environmental Enrichment Panels for the Action Office System). Opening bid $2,999.99, which is crazy high but just might work. [eBay]


  1. I hate that little ebay mafia of ex-herman miller employees who have stashed away so much awesome stuff over the years that they won't even need their hm pensions.

    I know a guy who saved a few dozen eames and nelson prototypes that were never actually manufactured. they were just throwing them out and he picked them out of the dumpster.

  2. Dutch, You're not kidding. They're pulling bolts of Girard fabric and one-off chairs out of their basements. Well, the eBay-savvy grandkids are.

    "they [HM] were just throwing them out..."

    Herman Miller has been throwing away their own archive/legacy for years. Rolf Fehlbaum and Vitra have been picking up the pieces all the way.