Details, Barry McGee

Hand-engraved and painted electrical outlet covers on the floor of Gallery 7 at the Walker Art Center exhibition Regards: Barry McGee (1998).

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Photo by Damien Correll [flickr]

Jack Taylor Ladies 1965 Very pretty

$635.00 (7/29/07) Congrats nwilken!

WWII Trench Art Sweetheart Bullet Picture Frame

$9.00 (7/29/07) Congrats claireified!


What once was lost, Now is found

For a couple years I've watched Mark from Lost Found Art grow his collection of collections of unusual, practical, and otherwise beautiful objects. I'm glad to see he's getting some well deserved press — a full-page shoutout in the current issue of Dwell.

Arrow, Bike Shop

Simply classic city bikes from Japan (of course).
[Arrow / Trunk via Velo Orange]

Back again for the third time

The awesome industrial neon light fixture that I've mentioned before [here and here] is for sale again. Opening bid $500. [eBay]


Craftsman Mr. Shoichi Watanabe

There is no employer,
he has to started own his work.
He had gotten the way
how to build up more and more.
He has no master.
Every job teach him technique,
little money with cold sweat.
His works is the own way.

He likes traditional style.
He likes tough material. Not suitable nylon.
He likes thick cotton duck.
He likes vegetable tanned leather.
He likes the fine make.
He likes to grow old beauty.

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Umbrella Stands

Carl Auböck, c. 1948, brass and iron (top)
Angle Steel Inc. stool, up side down (bottom)


Emory Douglas

Black Panther
The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas

edited by Sam Durant
designed by Lorraine Wild

M-1943 O.D. Cotton Field Trousers

$56.27 (7/24/07)



Designed around 1940 by Egmont Arens (designer of the KitchedAid stand mixer) & Theodore Brookhart. [eBay]



Good Night, Gorilla.

Beautiful Use

Have a look at the new White Columns website, one of the nicest that our friends at Project Projects have designed.

[whitecolumns.org; projectprojects.com]

Two Handled Bucket (for safety)

"A good sized bucket which is ideal to be left in bucket holder brackets overnight as there is no metal handle to cause injury to livestock. Our Marketing Department pondered long and hard for several weeks before coming up with the imaginative name! Makes a really nice small tree planter and remember, Tyre Rubber is frost proof too!"

Faulks & Company [faulks.co.uk]

BOOK: Die Frau Als schöpferin

Bruno Taut
Die Neue Wohnung: Die Frau Als Schöpferin
Leipzig, Germany
Verland Von Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1925
Designed by Johannes Molzahn

Beautiful cover and dustjacket on this book about women and the modern house.


Nice things from Truck

Leather-strapped apron and wrought iron bookstand from Truck Furniture's zakka shop.
[Truck; thanks for the reminder Kelly]

René Herse stem 1950

$499.00, ended early




John McAndrew, editor
Guide to Modern Architecture: Northeast States
Museum of Modern Art, New York
First edition(s), 1940

BOOK: for modern merchandising


Claude Vassal desk

Fender skirts



Gut a Book for It's Cover

Etsy seller tylerbender takes vintage hardcovers and makes journals and sketchbooks out of their covers, filling them with plain, lined and other recycled printed materials. $35.00 and up. [etsy]

Kelsey letterpress 5 x 8

$515.98 (7/13/07). Congrats ctoast!