Sam Friedman, Lettering

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Sam Friedman, Painting

Sam Friedman
#5 of 12 Paintings, 2007

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"The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri, 1923

I love the tools made for mechanics. I stop by the windows of hardware stores. If I could only find an excuse to buy many more of them than I have already bought on the mere pretence that I might have some use for them! The are so beautiful, so simple and plain and strait to their meaning. There is no "Art" about them, they have not been made beautiful, they are beautiful.

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Welles Coates, Cresta

Welles Coates designed the interiors, fixtures, signs and storefronts for all the Cresta Silks factories and shops. [bottom photo (Brompton Road, London, 1929) via Paper Figs; designmuseum.org]


Elsa Bloom

Toddler dress by Elsa Bloom made with vintage fabric from the Reference Library collection.

Carlton Track Frame. All Chrome. 1970s

$520.00 (6/28/07)


A Favorite

Hard Light
Ed Ruscha and Lawrence Weiner
First Edition
Heavy Industry Publications, Hollywood, CA
Moved Pictures, New York, NY

Vintage Creative Playthings Puzzle

Designed by Fredun Shapur
$15.50 (6/26/07)

Junior Bazaar, Nov. 1946

Designed by Alexey Brodovitch and Lillian Bassman.

"Saloon Society" — Alexey Brodovitch

Saloon Society by Bill Manville with photographs by David Attie; designed by Alexey Brodovitch. [eBay]



Sofa, after Borge Mogensen

I still feel ill about missing this one. It sold for $750.00 plus premium at Rago earlier this year.

Shop Counter, O.C. White lamps

Sold. [Get Back Inc.]


rietveld miniaturen, 1:10 scale


"Bend The Void" — Geoff McFetridge

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Bend The Void, June 22–August 5, 2007 at MU in Eindhoven. [nieves]


Kopie jaren 50 Rietveld kinderstoel


Rietveld bench

Photo from a listing on Marktplaats. The seller made the bench based on drawings from the book How to Construct Rietveld Furniture. I'd like to make one too.

Pair of Chairs by Erich Dieckmann

Nursery Hall on Attic Floor

The first floor is well planned and provides a separate little bedroom suite for guests. It is, however, to the planning of the second floor I draw special attention. It is wholly dedicated to the children. The nurseries, pantry, etc., are grouped south and west round a central playroom fitted as a gymnasium with swing, trapeze and monkey-rope. It is altogether a particularly happy piece of nursery planning, and shows what highly efficient use can be made of an attic floor when treated as a whole.
[from the DIDB]

eBay: Changing Table

Ends 6/19/07 [eBay]

Pigeon-Hole desk


Four Bauhaus chairs


Baby's Room, 1933

In 1924 she set up independently as an interior designer, concentrating on wallpaper and furniture design. She employed four joiners and produced children’s furniture and completed interior schemes for libraries, nurseries and single-person dwellings.

Modern nursery designed by Bertha Sander.
[from DIDB]