It's May 25, my birthday

Happy Birthday to me. From my smart and beautiful girl I received a perfect gift, Boek: Piet Hein Eek. He is one of my favorite designers, since we went to the Do Normal exhibition of Dutch design in 1998. I thought I had seen it all—until last year, when he started working with ceramics, making seams and welding flat sheets of pottery. These nice jugs [above from Boek and here] are really something.

A good lunch today, roast pork sandwich, fried eggplant and a meatball on a plate from Shank's and Evelyn's, then water ice from John's. There was a back-of-the-box recipe Hershey's chocolate cake in the afternoon. We didn't make it to Brazilian barbeque for dinner. It was a good day.

[My girl, Boek, and a nice set of jugs]


  1. happy birthday, love e&e

  2. your blog since i was introduced to it a couple weeks ago, has been my new favorite. thank you and happy birthday.

  3. happy birthday andy!!


  4. Salutations, mister, and many happy returns. The blog continues to amaze, thanks for all the good posts.